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1:45-2:15 PM

Qualification of B-Basis Design Allowables for FGF Process for Conducting PEKK for Large Aerospace Structures

About the Session

Generation of design allowables are critical and required for risk reduction and successful qualification of potential aircraft components by the Federal Aviation Administration. Enabled by the increasing maturity of the fused granular deposition (FGF) process, this work describes the development and qualification process of such an allowable for the FGF process. The qualification methodology, test standards, and specification documents will be discussed. With this process, Eaton is capable of producing large-scale (up to 6 feet tall), airtight, aerospace structures made with conducting nanocomposite based PEKK.

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Meet the Speaker

Si Chen

Si Chen

Si Chen is a senior specialist engineer at Eaton Research Labs at Eaton Corporation. Her work focuses on polymer composite additive manufacturing and material development for aerospace and electrical applications. She holds a BS and a MEng from Cornell University, and a PhD from Purdue University, all in Chemical Engineering. She has combined 15+ years of industry experience in material development, semiconductor and manufacturing. She is also a Six Sigma Black Belt.

Javed Mapkar

Javed Mapkar began his career with Eaton in 2008 after he earned his Doctor of Philosophy in Chemical Engineering from The University of Toledo. He is presently Senior Technology Manager for Advanced Materials & Processes group at Eaton’s Research Labs center located in Southfield, MI. The global team focuses on advancement in high performance polymer composites for injection molding and additive manufacturing, printed electronics, and advanced metals and alloys. Javed has approximately 19 years of experience in the area of polymer nanocomposite and structural composites with primary focus on material & process development. His expertise in nanomaterial and interface engineering was critical in development of multifunctional materials to address the needs of next generation of aerospace and electrical products such as non-metallic components and thermally conductive polymers for enclosures and electrically conductive polymer for additive manufacturing. His experience in material characterization has proven to be a valuable technical asset in supporting many root cause and failure analysis for aerospace, vehicle and electrical products. He is Design for Six Sigma Green Belt certified and has 11 granted patents and 4 trade secrets.

Si Chen
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